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Bathtub Shower Replacement

Residential bathtub replacement and shower installations can be a huge task, which is why so many people choose Zulo installers to help increase their home's value and express their family's personality. We do bathroom replacements in a quality, which mean we don't tile over existing tile. We will completely remove your existing tile and even replace the drywall behind it, since usually there is mold issues. Greensboard is used in it's place and acrylic panels or tile is placed on your shower walls.

Customers are able to choose their selections and Zulo will handle the entire process, including the purchasing of materials and installation.

Shower installations:

  • Choose from a variety of Acrylic panels for shower walls that give you the look of marble

  • Choose from a variety of tile to give you an authentic high quality finish

  • Choose from a variety of fixtures and shower heads

  • Add shelving and seating in your shower

  • Add either a shower bar or shower door

Bathtub Replacement:

  • License and insured, experienced craftsmen

  • High-quality materials

  • Assistance with selections

  • Speed, expertise, and efficiency

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